• Create a company culture that thrives.

    Not only do once-in-a-lifetime experiences broaden horizons, but they result in happier, better rounded people. The perfect getaway is an innovative way to strengthen relationships and create a memory that will forever bind participants to your company and your culture. 

  • You make the decisions, we take care of the details.

    We all know that “the devil is in the details.” We’ll take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about them. At Summit, our reputation depends on the meticulous coordination of accommodations, flight arrangements and logistical requirements while staying within your budget and reconciling costs.

  • The best jobs come with an escape clause.

    Great ideas come about when you’re looking at the world from a different perspective. At Summit Planners, we’re in the business of providing that change of scenery so your customers and employees return to their day-to-day work life refreshed, invigorated, energized, focused and committed.