The Summit Planners Difference

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The Summit Planners Difference

Invest in an experience that will continually pay dividends for your business. We build experiences that engage personal connections with your participants and generate a deeper level of emotional engagement and impact brand loyalty.  Summit Planners is an advocate, an asset and a partner throughout this journey.

Dedicated Support

We’re behind you at home and abroad.

Your event shouldn't depend on a generic voice at a corporate call center. At Summit Planners you work with a real person at ALL times.  Your team of  account managers work along side you from start to finish.  We travel with you and offer continuous support throughout.   In addition to our account team and local experts supporting you on site, our staff takes care of any last minute changes or requests, and monitors each individual's flight status in real time.  We're with your participants from the moment they leave home until the moment they return.

Cost Effective

At Summit Planners, we know meeting and incentive travel is an investment.

When you form a memorable connection with your employees and customers, you are investing in your company. There’s no better way to personally connect and motivate participants than travelling together to an exciting, inspirational destination.

We provide optimal value through customized cost-savings.  How can we make that happen?  We leverage our buying power and supplier relationships with airlines, hotels, venues, and third-party suppliers to maximize savings.  We understand the importance of the bottom line!

We all know time is money.  Don't spend either unnecessarily, our professionals can do the job quicker, better and less expensively.

Contract Negotiations

Let our experience work for you.

Our preferred supplier relationships with top hotels, resorts, airlines, and ground services allow us to negotiate on your behalf. And we don't stop at securing the best overall rates; we negotiate for added amenities and valuable concessions.

Because we purchase tens of thousands of room nights and airline seats each year, we are a preferred, national account of hotel properties around the world and we work closely with all of the major airlines. When Summit Planners sits down with a national sales manager of a hotel or airline to determine the terms and conditions of your program, we have their attention. And that translates into buying power for you. Let our account status and reputation work for you.

Before, During, and After—We Do It All

Instead of spending valuable time and resources doing our job, you can focus your know-how on what is most important—your business objectives.

Summit Planners is your partner prior to the program, during the program and post program. Included as part of our “to do list”:

  • Destination research and site inspection
  • Pricing and contract negotiation
  • Promotional and pre-trip marketing materials
  • Final participant program packets
  • Hotel and vendor liaison
  • Arrival and departure manifests
  • Rooming list
  • Group hospitality desk
  • Departure notices
  • Participant and client invoicing
  • Supplier reconciliation and payment
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Post-trip evaluation


Travel requires flexibility. We've honed that skill.

All it takes is one change in travel arrangements to push over that first domino. Our integrated data systems help prevent cost inflation due to unnecessary or overlooked charges caused by a change in plans. The best part is that we take on the responsibility of realigning plans so they fall back into place.

We work to make your vision come to life. That's our job. That's what we love doing. However you want to customize it, we'll make it happen.

Risk Management

Avoid contractual land mines by relying on Summit Planners.

It's easy to get mired in the midst of contracts, negotiations, liability and exposure, unfavorable binding agreements, attrition clauses and shortfalls. Overwhelmed already? Odds are no one at your company engages in the ambiguous language of hospitality industry contracts on a regular basis. Let us serve as “translator”.

We have decades of experience in deciphering the fine print and are up-to-date on the ever-changing trends in hotel and hospitality vendor contract clauses. In other words, we speak their language. We make sure our clients have limited exposure and favorable contract terms. Do not leave your organization vulnerable to financial and legal penalties.